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Euroclassica, Newsletter 18, 2010

With the contribution of all our members, including the important remarks suggested more recently by O. Waldschmidt (Cnarela), we now have a version of the Curriculum for Ancient Greek which, for the first time, respects French, English and German termini technici in the same text. We also thank Elena Ermolaeva, who was responsible for the final editing.
Miroslav Adamis, the Head of Cabinet of Mr. Jan Figel, former European Commissioner responsible for Education, Culture and Youth wishes Euroclassica further success in the mission of strengthening the position of classical education: “A solid knowledge of linguistic structures which Latin is supposed to provide both for the mother tongue and foreign languages, is certainly an ideal foundation for future language learning … I believe that young democrats who had the opportunity to study, for instance, the orations of Cicero in the original will have a deeper insight into how democracy works.”
On June 15, 2009 Sim Kallas, former Vice-President of the European Commission wrote:
“…in October 2008 the Board of Governors adopted a decision regarding the teaching of languages … including …reflection on the preservation of Latin and Ancient Greek in the curriculum.”
I congratulate all the directors of EUROCLASSICA for their great achievement in organizing past or future academies in Greece (Maria-Eleftheria Giatrakou), Italy (Eva Tarandi) and Croatia (Jadranka Bagarić).
My warmest thanks also go to Vesna Dimovska and her team, the organizers of our last congress in Skopje and Ohrid, which was a special experience for the general assembly of Euroclassica.
The European Latin Exam/Vestibulum (ELEX1) will be presented in this booklet.
The project “European symbols” is announced.
Last but not least I thank David Taylor and John Bulwer for correcting the English of the Newsletter.
Alfred Reitermayer

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